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Hospital further strengthens its service for patients - 20 December 2016

Hospital further strengthens its service for patients
20 December 2016

The James Paget University Hospital (JPUH) has further strengthened the quality of the service it provides for its patients, according to a report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The CQC is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. It carries out regular inspections of hospitals and other care providers, to ensure they are meeting fundamental standards of quality and safety.

The CQC carried out a full inspection in 2015, which resulted in the hospital receiving an overall rating of “good”, with staff praised as being “exceptionally caring” and going “the extra mile for patients”.

Their report highlighted numerous examples of good practice. However, inspectors found areas where improvements were needed – and these formed the basis of a re-inspection.

A team of inspectors visited the hospital on 16-17 August to conduct the re-inspection.The re-inspection report has been published today and shows that the hospital has:

  • retained its overall rating of “Good”
  • seen all of the eight core service areas rated as “Good”, including end of life care and surgery where we were previously rated as “requires improvement.”
  • received an “outstanding” rating for the quality of care offered to patients reaching the end of their lives – which means the hospital now has two “outstanding” ratings, the other for leadership of urgent and emergency services.

Chief Executive Christine Allen said: “This latest CQC report not only reaffirms that we are a good hospital, it also demonstrates that we are a learning organisation committed to continuous improvement. We have taken on board the comments made by inspectors to further strengthen our service for our patients.

“I am incredibly proud of the staff at the hospital, who have once again demonstrated their dedication to ‘getting it right’ for patients and shown their pride in providing quality patient care at the James Paget University Hospital.”

The report highlights key areas where improvements have been made, based on recommendations from the CQC’s earlier inspection. These include strengthening procedures around the checking of equipment; opening a new children’s outpatient department; opening a dedicated emergency theatre; developing a new end of life care strategy; and implementing a new care pathway for older people.

It also noted that staff caring for patients reaching the end of their lives went “above and beyond” to show compassion to them.

The report contains some areas where the hospital can make further improvements. These will be progressed with relevant departments and units across the hospital in the coming weeks.

To read the report, please click on this link: