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Friends donation funds new machines

18 August 2017


A generous donation from the James Paget University Hospital League of Friends has allowed two vital pieces of machinery to be replaced.

A £7,000 award from the Friends has allowed two urinary flow machines to be bought to replace the old ones that were over 20 years old and were becoming less reliable.

The new pieces of kit are an important diagnostic tool that measure and record the speed of the flow of urine when a patient goes to the toilet. Flow can be an indicator of several conditions and results from the testing can indicate which treatment is likely to be the most effective, as well as providing valuable data post-surgery. Previously the whole piece of equipment had to go into the cubicle with the patient, but the new devices work via an automatic system which sees one part of the device placed under the toilet while the second part gives electronic readings to the nurse outside.

Outpatient Manager Jeanette Taylor made her case to the League and was given the crucial funding for the equipment that is used by both the urology and physiotherapy teams.

She said; “It’s lovely that they bought these machines for us and we want to say thank you to the League for providing them. The new equipment is amazing – it can tell us things like when a patient has finished, which can make communication easier, and has other features which make the whole process more effective.”

Mary Lewis, a nursing auxiliary who regularly uses the equipment, said; “Every Monday we have patients coming in for tests and before they arrive we talk them through the process. The machines show us important details for both diagnoses and to check whether surgical procedures have been effective, so they are invaluable for patient care.”