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High Demand at A&E

03 December 2017

The A&E department at the James Paget University Hospital is currently experiencing extremely high demand – and patients should only attend if their condition is a genuine emergency.

All beds at the hospital are full or allocated to patients - and all additional bed space available when extra capacity is needed is now in use.

The Trust is working closely with its healthcare partners to reduce pressure on the A&E department, as a matter of priority.

But local people can play their part by avoiding A&E unless their condition is a genuine emergency.

If you need to access healthcare services, considering the following:

  • If you’re not sure which NHS service you need, call 111. An adviser will ask you questions to assess your symptoms and then give you the advice you need, or direct you straightaway to the best service for you in your area.
  • You can access the out-of-hours GP service by dialing 111 if you feel you have an urgent medial problem that cannot wait until the next day.
  • There will be a duty pharmacist in your area, open throughout the day. Pharmacists are expert in many aspects of healthcare and can offer advice on a wide range of long-term conditions and common illnesses such as coughs, colds and stomach upsets. You don’t need an appointment and many have private consultation areas, so they are a good first port of call. Your pharmacist will say if you need further medical attention.