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Invitation to public board meeting

26 July 2017

There’s the opportunity to hear more about developments at your local hospital this Friday, 28 July, as the James Paget University Hospitals’ Board of Directors hold their regular public meeting – and you’re invited to attend.

The Board of the Trust will meet from 9.30am, in the Boardroom at the James Paget, to hear reports and discuss updates from different areas of the hospital.

Among the items on the agenda is confirmation of results of the Council of Governors’ Elections. These were recently held to find new staff and public Governors to serve for a period of three years to support the continuous improvement in quality of care.

The Council of Governors represent the interests of the Trust’s members and the public and partner organisations so that views are fed back around the Trust’s services and performance, and particularly on future plans.

For staff governors there were seven nominations for five places, while 22 nominations were received for 17 public posts. Details of those who have been successful can be seen by clicking the Governor Election Results 2017 link from the home page of our website . The newly elected membership will take up their roles for three years from 1 August 2017.

Other items that will be discussed during the course of the meeting are;

• The appraisal and Medical Revalidation update, which relates to the regulation of licensed doctors to ensure they are up to date and fit to practice. The Trust is a recognised designated body for 193 doctors. During the last year 98% (190) underwent a completed appraisal. This compares very favourably at a national level and is important reassurance for local patients.

• The Care Quality Commission Consultation update

• Nursing staffing levels

• Quality & Safety report

• Annual fit and proper person process for Directors, as required by the CQC.

If you are interested in finding out more about your local hospital you are invited to attend the boardroom, on the ground floor and off the south corridor of the James Paget University Hospital, signposted from the main reception, on Friday morning at 9.30am. You asked to attend promptly for the start of the meeting.