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Hospital returning to normal after IT cyber attack

15 May 2017

Graham Wilde, Chief Operating Officer, said “The Trust is returning to normal following the recent disruption, with patient operations and clinics going ahead from Tuesday morning.  The action taken by our staff to resolve this cyber attack was decisive. A very small percentage of PCs have been infected and these were physically isolated, with full shut down action taken as a precautionary measure. This stopped the spread of the virus.”

“A&E is very busy dealing with emergencies so please remember that if your illness isn’t serious, there are alternatives, such as GP surgeries, NHS 111 and pharmacies. 

“I would like to thank our partner organisations for all their support so that we could ensure our patients’ safety. Whilst manual systems may have been slower we have minimised the impact on our patients. I would again like to publicly thank all our staff for the work they have been able to do since Friday’s attack. Some have given up their weekend to help get us ‘up and running’ as soon as possible. Many have worked on limited sleep. Our internal incident planning processes have allowed us to act quickly and to work together for the benefit of our patients.”