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IT system issues at James Paget Hospital

13 May 2017

We are currently experiencing IT issues but we are continuing to manage our services using our paper processes. For any non-emergency surgery or outpatient clinics over the weekend, the majority of these have been cancelled with most patients contacted directly. However we haven't been able to get in touch with everyone. If you're unsure please contact the department directly.

Andrew Palmer, Director in charge of the incident, said "we are continuing to focus on our patients and their safety. We have detailed plans in place with an experienced IT team who took decisive action as soon as they were aware of this cyber attack. They worked into the night and are continuing to work on restoring normal arrangements as soon as possible. Our dedicated staff pulled together and quickly implemented our paper systems to minimise the impact for our patients. Thank you to them and our partners for the support they have provided".

Deputy Medical Director Hazel Stuart said "I am proud of all our staff who have done what they always do and worked together through this difficult situation to provide the best care they can for our patients. Where possible we have kept individual patients informed if they were due to come into the hospital and we will continue to do that. We apologise for any disruption this has caused".

The message for patients for any appointments they may have on Monday and Tuesday is please come to your appointment unless you hear from us. I would also reiterate that A&E continues to deal with emergencies but if you are unwell, and it isn't serious, NHS111 and pharmacies are available. Those attending A&E with more minor illnesses are likely to be waiting considerably longer whilst we are using manual systems.

For further updates please check social media, particularly our Facebook page.