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Fab Change Week - Colorectal and Stoma team

15 November 2017


On the third day of Fab Change Week we’re continuing to highlight some of the innovative work of teams at the James Paget University Hospital.

The week aims to drive positive change in the NHS and improvements in patient care by illustrating the difference individual staff can make with one simple act or idea. When put into practice this can improve patient care or enhance the service provided, sometimes resulting in financial savings or the more effective use of resources.

Today we’re looking at the work of the Colorectal and Stoma team.

A recent Halloween themed day at the Wherry Hotel in Oulton Broad for patients with bowel problems saw more than 400 people attending to get information and advice.

The event, organised by Colorectal and Stoma Nurses at the James Paget, featured educational displays, stoma company stands and health and wellbeing demonstrations. The aim was to provide patients and carers with information to help understand the treatments available.

The Colorectal Nurses form part of the multidisciplinary team that provide clinical expertise, information and support to patients and their families undergoing investigations and treatment for colon and rectal – bowel – cancer, and the event was open to anyone with a bowel problem, cancer patients and those with stomas.

Sister Helen Cox, Clinical Nurse Specialist for Coloplast Nursing Service, based at the James Paget University Hospital, said; “The day was designed to give patients the opportunity to meet and talk to the experts and we’re pleased so many people came along. We’re constantly working to engage with patients and we thought this would be a good way to do it.”

A collaborative partnership with Coloplast Care Nursing Service is helping the James Paget improve patient experience and outcomes as well as demonstrating cost savings.

Helen says; “Coloplast provides community-based specialist stoma, bladder and bowel management care to patients and the partnership has allowed us to implement a more flexible and effective service for pre- and post-op patients, including better access to specialist nurses. Outreach clinics allow for improved access to assessment and, by working with the commercial sector, we also have the ability to carry out same day SOS calls, which has significantly reduced A&E presentations and GP appointments. An initial cost saving in the first six months was in excess of £50,000 and we have seen improved patient care and training for staff.”

There is now an educational fund to assist with raising awareness and training, follow up work at regular intervals post-surgery and patients in crisis can be seen on the same day in their own home.