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Fab Change Week - Providing comfort

14 November 2017


As Fab Change Week continues, highlighting the difference NHS staff can make through pledges to improve aspects of patient care, we update on an initiative from one of our nursing team.

An innovation by Senior Sister Sue Fairbairn is providing comfort to End of Life Care patients and their relatives, making a difference at a difficult time.

Sue wanted to do something to provide care to patients and offer support to their families and began creating ‘comfort baskets’ for use during a stay in the hospital. Now Sue and her team have taken the idea a step further with a CD player and DVD player also being provided to give more options to enhance a patient’s stay.

The comfort baskets are free to use and aim to provide a few home comforts, which can help ease relatives’ minds while they are staying with their loved one.

The baskets contain practical items such as toiletries, an eye mask, bed socks and ear plugs but also things like coffee, biscuits, puzzle books and a note pad to write down any thoughts. There are also items like hand creams which family members and friends can use for interaction with patients. All are designed to make a stay more comfortable.

The baskets are created through use of the ward’s fund, much of which comes from donations from previous patients.


Sue says; “It’s nice to put that money back into End of Life Care and, while we do not need to use them often, on the occasions that they have been provided, the feedback has been positive and they really appear to be appreciated. More recently the ward has also purchased a CD and a DVD player which are both available for relatives to use while they are with their loved ones, enabling them to see a favourite film or to hear a piece of music which again can be comforting.

“They are small things but we continue to look at more ways to make the difficult journey for relatives less stressful and to improve the care of our patients.”