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Fab Change Week - rehabilitation

17 November 2017


As part of Fab Change Week, today we’re celebrating the work of our award-winning rehabilitation ward – Ward 18 – who, like many other departments, are working on two initiatives aimed at improving patient well-being and reducing the length of time individuals need to stay in hospital.

At our Remarkable People awards ceremony in October Ward 18 won our Governors Award for Outstanding Service after a string of nominations from patients and colleagues highlighting the care and compassion demonstrated by the team.

Winners Of The Governors Award For Outstanding Service Ward 18

In the nominations one patient said; “They are friendly and the nurses know exactly what needs doing. They helped me when I truly needed it.”

A consultant said of the team; “They have flourished during a difficult winter into a shining example of care within the Trust. There is always a warm welcome for all – they provide great care and get the most complex patients successfully placed at home or in an appropriate care setting.”

The team were also highlighted as being good at communicating with their patients and willing to listen, and words used to describe them included welcoming, kind, caring, lovely, positive, committed, supportive, wonderful, pleasant, attentive, happy, polite, professional, helpful and thoughtful.

Like many other wards, the team are working on two campaigns within the hospital designed to get patients up and moving – #EndPJparalysis and Red2Green.


#EndPJparalysis aims to put a stop to a cycle of deconditioning that can occur when a patient is confined to bed. Prolonged bed rest can increase the risk of falls due to muscle weakness, lead to increased confusion or disorientation and contribute to poor digestion and decreased appetite, incontinence or constipation. Ten days of bed rest for a person aged over 80 ages the muscles by ten years.  #EndPJparalysis includes getting patients up and dressed, out of their pyjamas (PJs) or nightwear, and moving whenever and wherever possible, with the aim of preventing this deconditioning.


Red2Green aims to ensure no one stays in hospital for longer than they need to. It’s recognised that most patients want to go home as soon as they are able to, as any stay in hospital can be stressful. Red2Green puts patients at the centre of care, encouraging them to ask questions such as ‘when can I go home?’ and ‘what needs to happen before I go home’.

Director of Nursing Julia Hunt says the aim is to rehabilitate patients in a safe and timely way.
“Our teams have been amazing at getting patients up, dressed and moving as much as they can, and we work with patients to encourage and support them to allow them to return home or to find an appropriate care setting. It is important that we continually strive to improve the care we give our patients and each individual member of staff has a role to play in that.”