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Professor Dolan visits

21 November 2017


The James Paget University Hospital played host to internationally renowned nurse, author and campaigner Professor Brian Dolan yesterday, as he delivered a series of workshops on #endpjparalysis and the value of patient time.

The workshop – ‘Time is the most important currency in healthcare’ – by the co-creator of #endpjparalysis came as staff at the hospital take part in a region-wide challenge to help 100,000 patients across the East of England get up and moving.

The campaign between 14 September and 22 December, is about enabling hospitalised patients, where appropriate, to get up, dressed and moving in order to prevent deconditioning. Deconditioning syndrome is a serious issue, primarily affecting older people, who can very quickly lose the ability to do everyday tasks as a result of prolonged periods of inactivity.


More than 8,000 patients at the James Paget have so far contributed to a regional total of over 50,000 up and moving to date.

Relatives and carers are asked to bring in suitable clothes, footwear and aids such as glasses and hearing aids in order to allow patients to get back on their feet and feel more like themselves. Staff are also actively encouraging friends and relatives to be involved in daily activities such as eating, dressing and walking to the toilet.

The workshops cover the importance of ensuring patients continue to progress daily through their hospital stay to allow them to return home as soon as they are able.Endpjparalysislogo