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Highlighting the work of the Stroke Unit

19 October 2017

Our stroke unit consultants

The Stroke Unit at the James Paget University Hospital have held a special day to highlight their work and a number of new initiatives.

Today, Thursday 19 October, staff and visitors were invited to attend a display, in the Stroke Unit day room on Ward 1, which highlighted some of the developments over the past year.

Some of our stroke unit team

Among the initiatives that were featured were –

* Improved weekend specialist cover following the addition of two new consultants to the team.

* New nurse-led clinics for six-week and six-month follow ups with patients, according to their needs.

* Multi-disciplinary continence workshops leading to improved care. 

* More patients being recruited into research trials, including studies looking at hyper-acute care in the ambulance and one looking at stroke genetics.

 * The role of new nursing assistant practitioners to support nursing staff and therapists’ work seven days a week.

Dr Hilary Wyllie, Clinical Lead for Stroke Services, said; “We want to celebrate the good work and achievements of the team and the success of initiatives such as our stroke education package, which is being well received by patients. These developments are helping us improve in key areas, such as ensuring our patients have a specialist review more quickly, that they don’t spend longer than they need to on the ward, and that their care needs are met.

“The day gave us the opportunity to showcase some of the fantastic work by our staff, who are working hard to give patients high quality care and follow up support.”

 Some of our stroke unit team with our Chief Executive Christine and Chair of the Trust Anna