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Red2Green roll out

25 September 2017

An initiative that allows patients to get home to their families sooner has been rolled out across the Trust.

‘Red2Green’ is an ethos that focuses on patient time being the most important currency in healthcare. It works by highlighting any wasted ‘red days’ in hospital which fail to contribute towards a patient’s discharge and looks at turning them into value-adding ‘green days’. This approach will improve patient flow by finding and reducing unnecessary delays. The process of Red2Green will ensure no one stays in hospital for longer than they need to meaning they can get home quicker and as a result, we can treat more patients.

A stay in hospital can be stressful but the aim of Red2Green is to put patients at the centre of care and make sure they are aware of what is happening, why it is happening and when they will be going home. Our staff are being trained to not only challenge any delays along the pathway of care but also to keep patients mobile and in their own clothes which prevents deconditioning and helps on their journey towards discharge.

The initiative was originally trialled on Ward 16 (Short Stay Medical Unit) which proved to be incredibly successful. The average stay for a patient has gone from 10 days down to just 2. Suzanne Frary, Senior Sister said “This would not have been possible without full engagement from everyone on the ward; by working together we have used this initiative to be able to reduce the length of stay and provide days of value to our patients.”

Although the whole process will take time to fully implement and adapt to, our Chief Executive, Christine Allen said “It’s really important that everybody plays their part and we look at every opportunity to improve. These changes will be of benefit to the whole organisation and will lead to significant improvements for patients. With a dedicated team and a positive attitude to change, we can ensure our patients get the right care, at the right time in the right place.”