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National End PJ paralysis campaign

06 April 2018


The James Paget University Hospital has signed up to take part in a nationwide challenge aimed at helping our patients.

From April 17, we will join hospitals across the country in the 70-Day #EndPJparalysis Challenge.

The aim of the challenge is to achieve one million patient days of people up, dressed and moving in their own clothes, rather than in hospital gowns or pyjamas (PJs).

The benefits of #EndPJparalysis are clear: helping our patients get mobile prevents deconditioning – and therefore reduces length of stay in hospital.

Red2greenlets Keep Moving Patient Leaflet

The challenge will run until 26 June – finishing in time for the NHS 70th anniversary celebrations on 5 July.

The hospital previously took part in the Eastern regional #EndPJparalysis campaign in the run up to Christmas 2017, which also aimed to put a stop to a cycle of deconditioning that can occur when a patient is confined to bed. Prolonged bed rest can increase the risk of falls due to muscle weakness, lead to increased confusion or disorientation and contribute to poor digestion and decreased appetite, incontinence or constipation. Ten days of bed rest for a person aged over 80 ages the muscles by ten years. 

As part of the initiative we’re encouraging patients, their families and friends to ensure anyone coming into hospital has day-wear clothing and shoes with them to facilitate them getting moving around as soon as they are able to. 

Red2greenlets Keep Moving Postcard2