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Pharmacy bleep volunteers launched

25 April 2018


Our new team of Pharmacy Bleep Volunteers have been officially launched today to help patients and staff around the hospital.

With the introduction of the service, staff on our wards can bleep message one of the volunteer runners to get their assistance with picking up medications from the Pharmacy team. The simple service is expected to make a big contribution to helping towards safe patient discharge, allowing essential prescription medicines, and other items that patients may need before being discharged, to be quickly picked up from our Pharmacy and returned to busy ward staff.  This in turn supports an enhanced patient experience.

To Take Out (TTO) medications are an important part of the process to allow discharge from the hospital and, with around 200 prescriptions being prepared every day for inpatients, outpatients and those being discharged, the new volunteer team will enhance the service provided to patients and staff  by helping the medicines reach those leaving hospital more quickly.

Amanda Hood, Head of Patient Experience & Engagement at the James Paget, said; “Staff are working hard to make the discharge process more streamlined to assist with patient flow across the hospital, while ensuring safe patient care. We hope the new team will play an important role in speeding up the delivery of TTOs, which will help wards to ensure patients have the medicines they need promptly to allow them to return home safely.”