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Big Latch On big success

07 August 2018


More than 50 mother and baby pairs and dozens of family members and supporters gathered at the Seagulls Children’s Centre in Gorleston on Saturday for the local ‘Big Latch On’ event to mark World Breastfeeding Week.

The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months of a baby's life to optimise health benefits for mothers and babies and the international week, from 1 to 7 August, aims to encourage new mums to breastfeed their babies. Celebrated in 120 countries, the event also gives an opportunity for mums to meet others who are breastfeeding to share stories and to get support.  

At Gorleston 57 mothers and their babies breastfed at 10.30am – with more than 20,000 taking part globally.


James Paget Infant Feeding Specialist Midwife Curita Reilly said; “It was a very successful morning with the number of mums attending exceeding our expectations. The event was supported by local families and breastfeeding peer supporters so, in total, we had 139 people attend and these figures have been submitted to the international count which showed across the world more than 56,000 supported the event.

“While we recognise that to breastfeed or not has to be a decision for each individual, we want to encourage breastfeeding and, through our peer supporters, we aim to explain and advise about the recognised health benefits for both mum and baby and answer any questions about breastfeeding, as well as providing practical support.

“The Big Latch On also gives mums the opportunity to talk to others and get further support too.”

Further details can also be found here