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Working towards recovery - a stroke patient's story

07 August 2018


Our staff work with patients not just at the hospital but also when they are recovering at home.

Here Jane King, Therapy Assistant Practitioner, outlines her work to support stroke patients and talks to Trevor, who is recovering from a stroke.

“I work in the Stroke Early Supported Discharge Team as a Therapy Assistant Practitioner. Part of my role is to continue with Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy in the patient’s home when they leave Ward 1, our Stroke ward.

“In the three years I have been with the team, I always hear the same thing from the patients who I meet – ‘My time on the stroke ward was amazing’.

“I spoke to Trevor, a patient who had just returned home after spending two weeks on the stroke ward.  This is what he had to say about his experience.” :


Trevor and his wife Val.

“When I had my stroke I was seen by Dr Wyllie and she explained what had happened to me. I had blood tests, CT scans and a bladder scan. I was well informed about everything.  It was a worrying time but the staff were wonderful. I was treated with dignity and kindness, patience and understanding. I had slight weakness in my leg and my balance wasn’t great, also my vision had been affected. I received a lot of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy in the therapy gym like ball throwing and balance exercises with Martyn the physio. I had to do certain tasks like washing and dressing and practising the stairs to make sure I was safe before I went home. This made me feel that I was making progress and getting ready to return home.

“Most people on the ward needed some sort of help and this was meted out immediately. Personal accidents were seen to straight away and hygiene levels were kept at a high standard. People that required help with feeding were given priority treatment and one to one care. I was comforted at night by Claire when I was hallucinating. June, the stroke nurse, helped my wife and kept her informed about what was happening to me.

“I struggled to get my slippers on so posy socks were provided. The meals were of good variety, especially the porridge. There were always plenty of drinks and additional milkshakes. The tea lady always knew what I wanted. If I fell asleep a drink was left for you or if your tea went cold a fresh one would be made for you. If other patients struggled to use their mobile phones or electric razors, the staff were always there to help. I think the whole care package was brilliant and cannot praise the ward and staff highly enough.“

Trevor received six weeks of further therapy at home with the Early Supported Discharge Team and although he has not returned to driving yet, he is making great progress and getting on with life again.