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Cobholm Primary students visit

13 December 2018


A group of young pupils from Cobholm Primary Academy visited the James Paget Education and Training Centre yesterday to find out more about health careers as part of the I Can Be initiative.

IcanbelogoThe project, run through schools, works to open up possibilities for children in disadvantaged areas and on this occasion was about giving girls aged seven and eight the chance to learn more about careers in health, including doctors, surgeons, nurses and other professional roles such as radiographers, physiotherapists and porters.

I Can Be brings girls into the world of work, introducing them to inspiring women and giving them the chance to research, visit and interview female professionals in their workplaces, helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them.

Senior Clinical Project Manager and Practice Development Nurse Cherry Townsend welcomed the group and talked to them about medical, nursing and other roles before the girls had the chance to dress up as some of the professionals who work at our hospital.

Cherry said; “This is all about showing how many different jobs there are in health care and inspiring young people to think about what they might like to do. We are pleased to support ‘I Can Be’ as the programme aims to demonstrate the opportunities available to young people and encourage them to explore some of the options if they are interested in a particular area.

“The girls had a great time, asking lots of questions and they enjoyed dressing up and following a patient on their journey through hospital, using a scenario with a patient who has injured their arm.  Roles included: nurse, doctor, healthcare assistant, secretary, chef, radiographer, physio, porter, pharmacist and children’s nurse.

“The feedback was fantastic, with comments like ‘the most important person is the patient’, ‘patients must drink lots’ and ‘everyone works together as a team’.”

At the end of the session the girls took home a certificate and stickers to mark their visit.

For more information about I Can Be please see .