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Hospital supports national breast cancer campaign

22 February 2018



The James Paget University Hospital (JPUH) is supporting Public Health England’s re-launch of its national breast cancer campaign – which this time targets older women.

Running for six weeks from today (February 22), the Be Clear on Cancer Breast cancer in women over 70 campaign will remind women that they are more likely to get breast cancer as they get older. One in three women who get breast cancer are over 70.

The campaign will also raise awareness of breast cancer symptoms, including:

  • A lump or thickening in the breast or armpit
  • Changes to the skin of the breast
  • Changes in the shape, size or feel of the breast
  • Nipple changes
  • Nipple discharge
  • Pain in the breast
  • Any other unusual or persistent changes to the breasts

The campaign will encourage women to be breast aware, getting to know how their breasts look and feel normally so that it is easier to spot anything unusual. If they notice any changes, women are encouraged to tell their doctor straight away as finding breast cancer early makes it more treatable.

Head of Breast Imaging at JPUH Melanie Taylor said: “I would urge all women over the age of 70 to ensure they are screened regularly.

“Any woman aged 70 plus who hasn’t had a screening in the last three years, should contact us on 01493 452885. This is also the number to use if you have any enquiries regarding when your last appointment was, your suitability for screening and accessibility.”

For further information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, please visit