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Tips to keep cool as heatwave continues

23 July 2018


Due to the continuing spell of hot weather, our hospital is currently very busy and we’re urging you not to use A&E unless it is a genuine emergency. GPs, pharmacists or the NHS 111 service can be contacted if you need medical advice or assistance and please remember these top tips -  

*         The hottest part of the day is between 11am and 3pm – so keep out of the sun between these times.

*          if you have to go out in the heat, remember your UV sunglasses, apply sunscreen, wear a hat and light, loose-fitting cotton clothes.

*          avoid extreme physical exertion

*          have plenty of cold drinks, and avoid excess alcohol, caffeine or drinks high in sugar. If drinking fruit juice, dilute it with water. Eat cold foods, particularly salads and fruit with a high water content. and when travelling ensure you take water with you

*          look out for others: Keep an eye on isolated, older people, ill or very young people and make sure they are able to keep cool. Ensure that babies, children or older people are not left alone in stationary cars. Check on older people or sick neighbours, family or friends every day during a heatwave.

•           keep your environment cool: Keeping your living space cool is especially important for infants, older people or those with long-term health conditions or who can’t look after themselves

•           shade or cover windows exposed to direct sunlight and keep windows that are exposed to the sun closed during the day. Care should be taken with metal blinds and dark curtains, as these can absorb heat – consider placing reflective material between them and the window space

*       turn off non-essential lights and electrical equipment – they generate heat

*          if you or others feel unwell seek medical advice

*          if you feel dizzy, weak, anxious or have intense thirst and headache, move to a cool place as soon as possible. Drink some water or diluted fruit juice to rehydrate, avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee.


For more advice and information please visit NHS Choices.

Public Health England also have advice for coping with a heatwave - please click here for more