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Paediatrician candidates visit the Paget

29 October 2018


The James Paget has played host to more than 40 candidates from across the UK who are hoping to become Paediatricians.

On Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 October, doctors taking the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health examination (MRCPCH) visited our children’s clinic The Cove to be put through a rigorous series of patient examinations.

Real young patients, from babies to teenagers, who usually attend the clinic kindly agreed to volunteer for examination so the candidates can be assessed in their diagnostic and patient care skills, with several parents saying they just wanted to give something back for the care they have received.

With 24 candidates per day – 12 in the morning session and 12 in the afternoon – each has to rotate through a number of ‘stations’; rooms where volunteers are waiting.  The way they deal with patients, their diagnosis and proposed treatments are all assessed as part of the clinical examination, a crucial part of moving into the paediatrics field, along with the three theory exams each candidate must sit.

The arrangements for the day were organised by the team at the James Paget including Consultant Paediatricians Sudeep Damodaran and Stephen Nirmal, Paediatric Business Manager Ellen Whaley and The Cove Sister Jo Scott as part of the national programme of examinations. All those taking the clinical examination at the James Paget have come from other hospitals to ensure they do not have prior knowledge of the volunteer patients. 

Mrcpchexam1Some of the team running the event – including Sudeep Damodaran (right) and Stephen Nirmal (left).