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Awards ceremony to highlight good work

27 September 2018


It’s our Remarkable People Awards next week and ahead of the event we’re highlighting a comment made about each of our finalists.


Each finalist will find out which category they’re nominated in on the night itself.

We start with our team nominations – and, in alphabetical order, we begin with our A&E Reception team who are “Dedicated to their job no matter what the day brings, good or bad.”

Next are our Community Midwifery Team; “They put the needs of women at the heart of the care they provide. They work very hard but keep smiling and supporting each other throughout.”

Our Dementia Befrienders are volunteers who support some of our most vulnerable patients.“The team have demonstrated commitment and loyalty to developing this service and shown the importance of meaningful activities.”

The Discharge Hub has been instrumental in bringing partner agencies together to help patient flow through our hospital at times of high demand. “The impact of the Discharge Hub upon patients and the organisation has been outstanding.”

Our EADU/ Ambulatory Unit was praised by patients;“Always happy and friendly – every member of staff works to a high standard and patients are given courtesy, respect and caring.”

The Endoscopy team have been recognised as providing excellent care - “They have demonstrated exemplary team work to achieve JAG accreditation, with patient safety and quality of care at the centre of everything they do.”

The Orthogeriatric team - Dr Zaidi, Dr Hedges, Dr Shaukat - have been praised by their colleagues - “They are a resource for junior orthopaedic doctors to discuss medical issues and advise on management even when they are not on ward.”

Our Paget’s Pantry team are described as being attentive and helpful. “They often assist visitors with mobility or visual impairment to navigate the self-service areas and without prompting they carry trays to tables for frail visitors.”

The Pharmacy Production Team as described as “Helpful, capable, knowledgeable, accommodating and flexible in their working approach – they are a brilliant well-oiled machine.”

Ward 6 were nominated for being hard-working. “Staff were welcoming, friendly and supportive throughout – I cannot praise them enough.”

While nominations for Ward 12 said;“Nothing is too much trouble – such a busy department that shows so much compassion.”

Ward 16 were described as supportive and helpful. “They made me really welcome and looked after me well.”

We also have some outstanding individuals up for awards. 

Again in alphabetical order, we start with Audiologist Andrew Barratt. “The service Andy gave was superb – so good and he explained everything.”

Next up is volunteer Pat Carter, who helps out on Ward 5, Front desk, Day Care and the Eye Ward -“Always so helpful and happy - a pleasure to work with.”

Lucy Chapman from our Training and Development team is described as effective and helpful. “She is great individual to have in a team, always working hard and providing support to her colleagues.”

Just one of the glowing comments for Mickey Cox, Heart Failure/ Cardiac Nurse Specialist  was; “I was so impressed with his professionalism, knowledge, kindness and approachable manner – he made appointments so much easier and less stressful.”

Emergency department consultant Dr Jim Crawfurd has been described as;“One of the most committed, hard-working, caring, compassionate and patient focussed doctors I have had the honour to work with.”

Christina Doyle, Trauma Coordinator, Theatres was praised.“Shows exceptional leadership within her role and has a commitment and drive to make things happen.”

Junior doctor Matthew Farmer also collected several nominations - “He always goes above and beyond his job title when it comes to patient care and management.”

Angie Fenn, our Cancer Services Lead was highlighted for her good work;“Her commitment and enthusiasm has seen cancer services across the Trust go from strength to strength.”

Meanwhile Marica Hatto, from our Mortuary and bereavement team was recognised for her dedication.“I will never forget how kind and sympathetic she was – she listened and genuinely cared.”

Dr Katharine Hedges, of the Orthogeriatric team gathered compliments from her colleagues; “She is caring and compassionate and will always support the team, patients and families”

Susan Hood, our Health Records Manager, received a number of nominations from her colleagues.“She has gone beyond what has been expected of her – she is an inspiration, a great role model and a great manager.”

Glennis Kent, Therapy Assistant Practitioner, in the Physiotherapy/ Occupational Therapy team was described as;“Always helpful, friendly, caring, considerate, thoughtful, cheerful and proactive.”

Our lead chaplain the Reverend Dr Alan Palmer also attracted a number of nominations. “He has made a significant impact – ever present, ever smiling and always open and willing to stop and talk.”

Jade Rawlinson, Nursery nurse on the Children’s Ward 10 was praised for her efforts to raise funds.“Works above and beyond her role, organising team building activities and events.”

Aleida Ribas-Tristany, Midwife on the Central Delivery Suite was credited for her people skills.“We felt cared for – her kindness throughout the whole experience and over a number of intense hours was second to none.”

Steve Savage, Domestic Assistant, was nominated for his role in stopping a fire that was started in our A&E department earlier this year. “He had the presence of mind to act to stop the fire from spreading.”

Heidi Shadmy, Governance, Quality and Safety Officer in Emergency Care was highlighted for her work. “Displays a caring manner every day and can be called upon at any time to support staff or to deal with an issue that needs urgent attention.”

While Elizabeth Thompson, Diagnostics Divisional Operations Manager was said to be; “Such an inspirational manager – she has supported so many positive changes.”

Ahead of her retirement Glenda Turner, Senior Sister in A&E was praised for; “Thirty-eight years’ service to the James Paget, senior nurse in A&E for more than 20 – she has supported and developed her team, is always calm and is truly respected.”

And finally in our alphabetical list, Dorothy Wheatman, Lead radiographer in Diagnostic imaging was praised; “She has stepped up again and again to provide cover, help and advice as needed.”