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Comfort boxes support breast cancer patients

11 September 2018


Primary breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy at the James Paget University Hospital can now receive their own comfort box to help them through their treatment.

The comfort boxes contain a variety of products - some donated by local companies – which can alleviate some of the side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

The James Paget is the latest hospital to benefit from the littlelifts initiative, which was started by Oa Hackett, from Norwich, who underwent chemotherapy four years ago after being diagnosed with primary breast cancer.

Oa came up with the idea of the comfort box after receiving support throughout her treatment from family and friends who helped her through the experience by bringing her various products and treats.

“The NHS saved my life and I wanted to give something back – and I hope that receiving the comfort boxes will help women undergoing chemotherapy for primary breast cancer to alleviate some of the side effects  while at the same time giving them a ‘little lift’ when they might be feeling down. It is important to remember that everyone’s experience of treatment is different.”

Products inside the comfort boxes including a washbag; a water bottle; a soft toothbrush; books and puzzles; herbal tea, a pedometer; sweets; lip balm and face and body lotion.

Each product has been chosen with support from a focus group, which ensures that they are beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

James Paget breast care team leader Sharon Thain said: “We are delighted that littlelifts is now at our hospital. The comfort boxes are such a lovely idea and give the patients something non-medical to support them through their treatment.”

Littlelifts was launched last year at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – and has received support from the Art for Cure, which stages events to raise money for breast cancer research and to support organisations involved in caring for patients affected by the disease.

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