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Our 2018 flu campaign gets underway

25 September 2018


Our 2018 flu campaign was officially launched this afternoon, Tuesday 25 September, and we’re encouraging all our staff to get the flu vaccination to help protect against the virus.


Chief Executive Christine Allen gets her flu vaccination. 

The flu vaccine is the single best protection against flu and as part of our launch our executive team have been getting their flu vaccinations. Leading the way were our Chief Executive Christine Allen, who met our ‘Flu Bees’ who will help promote the campaign this year, Director of Nursing Julia Hunt and Medical Director Hazel Stuart.


Medical Director Hazel Stuart was among the first to get the vaccination...

Other directors and senior managers getting the vaccination included Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Governance Anna Hills, Director of Transformation Andrew Palmer, Chief Operating Officer Graham Wilde, Director of Strategy Jonathan Barber, Chief Pharmacist Chris Street, Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jo Fawcus, Clinical Lead for Transformation and Consultant Paediatrician Dr John Chapman, Associate Director of Workforce Linda Burton and Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology Services Jayne Utting.


...along with Director of Nursing Julia Hunt

Public Health England estimate that an average of 8,000 people die from flu in England each year – in some years it can be as many as 14,000. This is not just older vulnerable people – up to one third of influenza deaths are in healthy individuals and there are plenty of examples of younger people dying after contracting the virus.

You can spread flu to anyone – a child, a parent, a partner, your colleagues and your friends – while you have no symptoms and it can be easily spread in communities such as a hospital, where patients may already be vulnerable to complications.

A study published in the Lancet indicated up to 77% of people infected with the flu virus have no symptoms, so even if you feel OK and are still at work you could be putting those you care about and those you care for at risk.

Annahills     Andrewvaccination2web  Jonbarber

Anna Hills                                                                  Andrew Palmer                        Jonathan Barber

How do flu vaccines work?
Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies provide protection against infection. The seasonal flu vaccine protects against the influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season.

The truth about flu:
The flu jab can’t give you the flu - It's impossible to get flu from the flu vaccine because the adult vaccine doesn’t contain live viruses. A very small number of people experience side effects such as aching muscles, but this is simply the immune system responding to the vaccine.
Seven out of ten people that have flu show no symptoms - If you feel well, you could still unknowingly spread flu to patients or your family.
The side effects of the flu vaccination are mild - For the most part, seasonal flu vaccine side effects are mild or often non-existent. The most common side effect is soreness around the site of the injection and occasionally aching muscles. These symptoms are a lot less serious than having flu.

You need the vaccine every year - If you were vaccinated last year, you joined to fight against flu and took an extra step towards excellent patient care. Please do the same again this year.
Pregnant women can be vaccinated - Pregnant women can have the flu vaccine at any stage of their pregnancy. Vaccination helps protect women during pregnancy and their babies for up to six months after they are born. One study showed that giving the flu vaccine to pregnant women was 92% effective in preventing hospitalisation of infants for flu.

How you can help
If you’ve had the flu you know how exhausting and debilitating it can be – and you wouldn’t wish it on anyone…please do your bit to help reduce the likelihood of your colleagues or your family members being ill – please get the flu vaccination.


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Chrisstreet  Jofawcus  Johnchapman