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New hydration project launched

01 April 2019


A new initiative to encourage our staff to stay hydrated during their busy shifts has been launched this morning, Monday 1 April. 


Think 2 Drink is a new campaign and the senior nursing and allied health professional team behind it have managed to secure a new free-of-charge water bottle for each member of Trust staff. 

Hydrations Stations will be set up on wards and in departments to allow staff to have somewhere to keep their new free bottles – allowing easy access to a place where everyone on the team can stop and have a drink from their bottles during busier times.

Each bottle has a covered mouth piece to reduce spills and space on the bottle where staff can write their names – with 2,000 of the bottles being supplied free of charge thanks to Aggora Lockhart Projects. 

Ensuring staff are hydrated is something that is increasingly being addressed by hospitals and we are joining Addenbrookes and West Suffolk hospitals in supporting our staff with this.

Think 2 Drink

ENT OPD & Oral Surgery Sister Kelly Goffin, one of those leading the project says; “We need to look after our staff so they can look after our patients. We would always think to offer a patient a drink but often we don’t Think 2 Drink ourselves. During a long day it’s crucial that staff drink enough fluid. We know that dehydration can cause a number of effects, including headaches, so it is important to find a few moments to take a drink of water. 

“The Hydration Stations are going to be in convenient but discreet locations, usually out of patient view, but within relatively easy reach, as we want to make it as accessible as possible as we know how difficult it can be to get a few moments during a busy shift.”

It is hoped the campaign will benefit staff, reduce the amount of plastic waste through the use of the reusable bottles, and ultimately benefit our patients.