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New seating for outpatients

17 April 2019


Patients attending our General Surgery Outpatients department should now have a more comfortable visit after new seating was installed and couches were revamped.

Following feedback from patients, who reported that seats in the waiting area were too low, new chairs have now been brought in to accommodate all users, while the couches in appointment rooms have been re-covered to make them look as good as new.


General Surgery Outpatients Sister Louise Wilkin said the updates had been made in the clinic and in the Broadland Suite.

“We had several comments from patients about how low the chairs in the waiting area were and they were beginning to look very worn, so it was time to replace them. Some of the couches were ripped and torn but, rather than buy these new at a cost of over £500 each, as the mechanics were still fine, we’ve had these re-covered – saving more than £2,500 on the cost of replacement. 

“Around 40 of our old chairs are also being recycled for appropriate use in other areas of the hospital. 

“We want patients to start their surgical journey in the right way and we hope these small changes will make our waiting area more comfortable and presentable for those coming in for appointments.”

Our photographs show Sister Louise Wilkin and staff nurse Freya Hilder-Morris with the new seats.