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Help us set our quality priorities

01 February 2019


Ensuring the delivery of a quality service to patients, carers and the public is at the heart of what we do. 

Each year, we publish a Quality Report which forms part of hospital’s annual report and accounts that is presented at our public Annual Members’ Meeting in September.

There are many things that we have to include in line with Department of Health guidance, but the priorities we set on quality are for us all to agree. The priorities must link to the three domains of quality set out in the national document High Quality Care for All;

(1)  Patient Safety (how we keep our patients free from harm such as falls and pressure ulcers)

(2)  Clinical Effectiveness (the standards of care we provide for our patients)

(3)  Patient Experience (what the process of receiving care feels like for the patient, their family and carers)

As we start to prepare our Quality Report on what our key priorities should be, we would like to gain your views.

From today paper questionnaires are available from our front desk but you can also respond online here -

The survey is open for responses up until Friday 22 February.