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Student nursing education highlighted

27 June 2019


Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Senior Nursing Education Adviser Sue West is visiting the James Paget today and she’s been hearing more about our education team’s work to train the next generation of nurses.

Sue is visiting our hospital ahead of new nursing standards being introduced nationally in September to find out about the work being done by our team to prepare and to hear more about our CLiP (Collaborative Learning in Practice) model.

CLiP is a student model that supports a coaching approach in practice rather than one to one mentoring. Students are encouraged to take the lead in their practice, caring for their own patients while being coached by registered staff, with all ward staff participating to help develop a supportive learning culture. CLiP’s focus is ‘on the job’ coaching on hospital wards. Its benefits include giving student nurses more confidence because they are dealing with real-life situations regularly  - and this has allowed the trust to develop the knowledge and skills of student nurses whilst increasing the number of students on placement.

During her visit to our hospital today, Sue met and spoke with members of our Education and Practice team, including clinical educators who are currently training our staff about the new standards, and talked to students about their experiences using the CLiP model. 

Sue is a registered nurse and former Dean of the health faculty at Buckinghamshire New University who now contributes to the ongoing development and implementation of the new standards for education and practice for the NMC. She said; “Because much of the work we’ve been doing is predominantly with providers and educators, to get closer to the workforce, coming here has been great. I’ve been hearing of the huge investment made in the CLiP model, and how the team can demonstrate that this investment has paid off, and how it will work with the transition to the new standards.”

Head of Education and Practice Development Sharon Crowle said; “CLiP has been brilliant for the Trust in many ways, including helping to create an enhanced learning environment for our students. What we’ve been doing here with the coaching model has helped us to embed a culture that underpins the new standards, and we hope the transition will be seamless.”

Sue (seated centre) is pictured with our Director of Nursing Julia Hunt (seated right), Head of Education and Practice Development Sharon Crowle (seated left), and some of our clinical educators and student nurses.