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Volunteer retires after 14 years

28 June 2019

Malcolm Lloyd Volunteer Cardiac Rehab1 

One of our long-standing volunteers is retiring after 14 years supporting  our Cardiac Rehabilitation Team.

Malcolm Lloyd, known to all as Mac, volunteers to help our patients and the Team by setting up all the equipment ahead of the Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise class. He keeps excellent time with his trusty stop watch, announcing  when our patients should move onto the next exercise station and also serves teas, coffees and biscuits which have been kindly donated over the years by Heartcare, our Cardiac Support Group.

Mac was a finalist in our Remarkable People Awards in 2015 and Cardiac Specialist Nurse Paula Baker says he has been an invaluable member of our Team.

“Patients attend for exercise sessions just a few weeks after heart attack and following cardiac surgery.  Whilst, as healthcare professionals, our team support patients through the technicalities of their recovery, Mac offers peer support to our patients in the form of encouraging words, a smile and, most importantly, a joke or two!”

“Mac is always there to help create an environment where our patients feel comfortable and keen to exercise.  We would like to thank Mac for all his help as having him work alongside us has allowed us to devote time and energy to our patients and ensure we maintain  a safe and friendly environment.

"Thanks Mac from Emma, Liz, Ali and Paula."