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Skydiving for Anna Poppy

13 March 2019


Four James Paget staff will be jumping out of a plane in May to raise money for a three-year-old girl who has an aggressive form of cancer.

Aimee Griffin and Charley Smith, both Heath Care Assistants on Ward 18, and their friends Anna Bedford, a nursery nurse in A&E Paediatrics, and Cassie Pembroke, an agency nurse at the James Paget, will all be taking part in a skydive at Ellough, near Beccles, on Friday 10 May to help raise money for three-year-old Anna Poppy Lawson – the little girl from Bradwell who is receiving treatment for aggressive brain and spinal cancer.

Anna Poppy was diagnosed with Medullablastoma in December 2017 when she was just two years old.  Since then she has undergone a nine-hour operation and chemotherapy and is currently receiving radiotherapy to beat the disease. Her family are also exploring additional options including taking her to the United States to access specialist trial medical treatment and are currently raising thousands of pounds towards being able to fund this.

Aimee said they were hoping to help boost the total and are aiming to raise £3,000 through the skydive.

“We’ve always wanted to do a skydive for charity and when we heard about this beautiful little girl we wanted to do all we could to help, so we decided to do this for her. This little girl has shown so much strength and keeps on fighting - she is a true warrior. I was at school with her mum and we just wanted to lend our support.”

Aimee, Cassie, Charley and Anna (pictured) have set up a Just Giving page here -  - so you can support their efforts and make a donation online.