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Surgeons visit for NOTSS course

11 March 2019


Surgeons from across East Anglia have been visiting the James Paget today, Monday 11 March, for a one day Non-Technical Skills course.

The NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) Masterclass is designed to give an insight into enhancing the non-technical skills that underpin good surgical performance, such as decision making, leadership, situation awareness, communication and teamwork.

It is recognised that what are now commonly termed ‘non-technical’ skills are as important in ensuring the optimum outcome for the patient undergoing surgery.

Today’s course aims to strengthen these skills, providing the opportunity to undertake exercises and scenarios as well as to discuss how to overcome barriers to get to ‘good behaviours’ in operating theatres.

The course was  co-ordinated by Mr Kamal Aryal, Consultant Surgeon at the James Paget and delivered by him and two senior external faculty - Mr Jeremy Ward, Consultant Surgeon at the Royal Preston Hospital, and Mr Jeremy Bannister, Consultant Surgeon at Barnsley Hospital.

Fourteen delegates from across the region attended the course.