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Paget receives £50,000 from NHS Charities Together - 15 September 2020

Paget receives £50,000 from NHS Charities Together
15 September 2020


The James Paget University Hospital has been granted £50,000 from the NHS Charities Together organisation to benefit staff, patients and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The money has initially been allocated to two projects within the hospital – to provide outside spaces for patients, visitors and staff to relax in and to develop existing staff learning and ‘time out’ facilities to enhance our team’s wellbeing.

This will include developing our existing learning café and conservatory in the Burrage Centre, with redecoration and replacement of old and outdated furniture and the installation of a new conservatory roof to provide relief from the heat in the summer and keep the heat in during the winter.

The aim is to make this fit for purpose by creating a comfortable retreat from the main hospital building – a safe space for staff to unwind and reflect outside of the clinical workplace. The area will also include information stations with signposting to wellbeing resources and private areas to be alone, and give access to food and drink.  This is seen as crucial to supporting our staff following the challenges they have faced already this year in light of the global Covid-19 pandemic and with what is likely to be a difficult winter ahead.

The second phase of the project will see enhancements to outdoor areas around the hospital for the benefit of patients, carers, visitors and staff.

Open spaces on the site – including courtyards and areas around the perimeter will be developed to provide quiet areas to improve physical and mental well-being. The therapeutic benefits of green spaces are well recognised and can include relief from physical symptoms, stress reduction and an improvement of overall sense of well-being.

Landscaping, nature gardening and seating are all planned – giving patients, visitors and staff the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air in relaxing surroundings.