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Walk-In Vaccination Clinic at Market Gates

15 April 2021

A walk-in COVID-19 vaccination clinic will be taking place tomorrow and Saturday (April 16 and 17) at the Market Gates Shopping Centre, in Great Yarmouth. The clinic will be open tomorrow from 9am to 3pm and on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. -  no appointment is necessary.

Please note that as this is a walk-in clinic, demand is likely to vary throughout the day so there may be occasions when people are asked to return to the clinic for their vaccination when it is less busy.

Walk-in clinics are for first doses only and for people in priority groups 1-10, which includes: 
• Anyone aged 45
• Individuals who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable
• Those aged 16 who share a household with someone who has severe immunosuppression
• Health and social care staff
• Care home workers and residents
• Carers (16 , paid and unpaid)
Some form of evidence that shows you are in one of the eligible cohorts will be required.
Please note that even if you are in these priority groups, but under the age of 30, you cannot attend a walk-in clinic. This is due to the current type of vaccine available and changes to national guidance.
If you are in an eligible group – meaning you are 45 or over, have a health condition that puts you at greater risk, or are a health or social care worker – and you haven’t booked your first dose yet, you can book at or by phoning 119.
Paid and unpaid carers should book via the NCC website at – a 24/7 telephone voicemail service 01603 257 256 is also available but is only intended for people who are unable to register online.
Anyone aged 45 and over can now also contact their GP practice if they have not yet had their first dose of the vaccine. People aged 16 who share a household with someone who has severe immunosuppression should also contact their GP.
If patients have an appointment already booked over the coming weeks, it is important those appointments are kept and attended rather than a drop-in appointment being selected as a substitute.