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A&E advice

25 August 2021


We’re continuing to ask you not to come into our A&E unless it is a genuine emergency.

We are currently seeing large numbers of patients coming through our doors, which means longer waits for anyone coming in when it is not an emergency. In some cases we are seeing patients coming in when their local pharmacist may have been able to give advice and assistance.

Please can we ask you to call 111 if you have an urgent medical need but it’s not an emergency and please consider using your local pharmacy for advice for more minor issues.

We’re also asking that if you have to attend, you treat our staff with courtesy and respect. Our team have been working incredibly hard and, if you are in the waiting room, you will not be aware of how many patients with life-threatening emergencies they are dealing with behind the scenes.

Sadly, recently our staff have been dealing with increasing amounts of rude and abusive behaviour. Patients are dealt with on the basis of clinical need, so if you come in as a non-emergency you may face a wait.

Please do not abuse our staff and please show them some courtesy – disrespectful behaviour towards the team that are working hard to help you and other patients is simply unacceptable.

Please help us to help you – choose your health care wisely and please respect those who are dedicated to treating you, your friends and your family – and please share this message.

A photograph of the front of our hospital - the new emergency department area, which is a single storey mid grey building with a large James Paget logo on the exterior