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Christmas tree lights switched on

06 December 2021

Three women sit watching the switch on. Two of the women have young children on their laps, while the woman in the middle - a member of our staff - wears a childrens ward patterned tunic. They sit on green and red sofas with toys visible on shelves behind them. 

We lit up our Christmas Tree on Friday, 3 December, with a big plunger being pressed by two young patients on our children’s ward, Gracie and Esme, to officially carry out the switch on.

The tree was supplied at discount by Wrentham Christmas Trees, and has been installed at the main entrance to our site and decorated with lights by our Estates & Planning Department team.

As darkness fell on Friday some of the team headed to our Childrens Ward 10, while others went outside, to watch as Gracie and Esme and their mums Stacey and Grace carried out the official lights switch-on for 2021.

After pressing the plunger on the specially decorated unit, the lights went on and will now shine brightly for the festive season.

Thank you to all of those involved!

Three men - two in navy blue jackets and one in a fluorescent jacket, in the middle of the other two - stand outside in front of the lit Christmas tree. It is dusk and the main road entrance to our hospital can be seen behind them.

Two men in fluorescent jackets are half-way up step ladders next to the Christmas tree putting up the lights. Our NHS flag at the top of our flagpole is behind them. There is a blue sky with white clouds.   The switch on box - a tinsel and Christmas decorated unit with a reindeer picture and a big red nose on, and a plunger.