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Hip fracture workshop

02 December 2021


James Paget surgeons have recently undertaken a training workshop to learn more about a modern hip implant to fix hip fractures in older patients.

Hip Fracture Workshop - a man pictured holding a bone and a medical device similar to a hand held drill

Hip fractures are a growing concern amongst the Orthopaedic surgeons. The treatment of hip fractures in older patients involves either replacing the hip joint or fixing the broken bits, and this often requires several days stay in hospital. Fixation of hip fracture in fragile bones is a huge challenge and Orthopaedic surgeons are constantly looking for new avenues to meet this challenge.

Earlier this month our orthopaedic team organised a very successful session to train our surgeons around the use of a new hip implant to fix hip fractures. This implant allows hip fracture patients to walk next day and this can facilitate early discharge from the hospital, improving overall outcomes for patients.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Sunil Garg, Clinical Lead for the James Paget’s Trauma and Orthopaedics department, said; “The hospital treats approximately 400 hip fractures every year with average length of stay for patients of 14 days. We are always looking for developments that can help patients, including things that may reduce the length of stay in hospital, and these workshops help to improve the quality of care and drive excellence in this area.”