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New mental health initiative on childrens ward

23 February 2021


Our childrens’ ward team are helping to start conversations with a new ‘mental health box’ designed to encourage young patients to talk about their feelings and emotions.

Many of us struggle with our mental health and for children and young people facing hospital treatment there can be a range of things that can be difficult to talk about.

With this in mind, the Ward 10 team have developed the mental health box with lots of resources to encourage young people of all ages to share their thoughts and fears. The activities allow our team to start conversations and provide support to those who need a listening ear, as well as positive activities to help.

Jade Rawlinson, a Nursery Nurse on Ward 10 team, said; “The activities include ones to help our patients develop positive daily habits, such as journaling, which can help them see the whole picture – that while there may be bad days there can also be good ones too.”

The box includes things such as anxiety statement and mood cards to help make sense of feelings and to prompt conversations about these, a fun and colourful emotions board game, materials to help with journaling and planning, and other resources to support patients to express themselves.

Ward 10 Mood Cards