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Volunteers join continuity of care midwifery teams

30 March 2021


Volunteers who would usually visit our postnatal ward to provide support to new mums and advice on breastfeeding are now expanding their services into the community, working with our new continuity of care midwifery teams.

The volunteers are based in these more local teams, and aim to provide both antenatal information and support with feeding. This can include talking about the benefits of breastfeeding and providing some experienced moral support as well as showing techniques and sharing hints to help.

Midwife Kay Horn, Infant feeding coordinator and tongue tie practitioner at the James Paget, said; “This is an exciting new venture and will provide continuation of care with volunteers working alongside midwives to provide guidance and assistance when new mums need it.

“Katie and Michelle will be with our Rose Quartz team based at Kirkley Mill in Lowestoft, while Rachael and Emily will work on Sapphire team based at Nelson Medical Centre in Great Yarmouth.”

It is hoped more peer support volunteers will join more local teams in the near future too.

Maternity Sapphire Team Volunteers  Maternity Rose Quartz Team Volunteers