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Please use NHS 111

28 May 2021


Our A&E is very busy again this afternoon and we’re continuing to urge you not to attend unless it is a genuine emergency.

If you need medical assistance and it’s urgent but not an emergency please could we ask that you dial 111 – or go to the NHS 111 website first.

111 First

The NHS 111 service is able to allocate timed slots to patients to support social distancing within our emergency department to help us protect the safety of patients and our staff. This will assist our team and reduce the time you may have to wait.

Please call 111 or go online first before coming into A&E unless it is a life-threatening emergency, when you should dial 999.

The service will be able to direct you to the most appropriate place for your health care needs.

GP practices across Norfolk and Waveney are and always have been open, treating, supporting, caring, and seeing patients, but they, like us, need you to think about the options available to you.

Your local pharmacist may well be able to assist if you have a tummy bug, a sore throat or a cough. A long standing injury may require more investigation but is not an emergency. If you need medical assistance and want to know where would be best to go please think – and dial - 111 first.