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Baby loss awareness week

13 October 2021


This week we are supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week.  While we celebrate with families in our community the safe arrival of little ones, we are all aware that the loss of babies and infants, through miscarriage, stillbirths and neo-natal death, causes great pain and sadness for the parents, their families and friends. 

Throughout the year we support those experiencing the pain of loss, remembering the little ones in our memorial books and offering services in our Chapel.  However, this week, from Saturday 9 to Friday 15 October, together with many people across the world, we remember especially all those families who have experienced baby loss, however long ago that may have occurred. 

The week culminates in a ‘Wave of Light’, when we are encouraged to place a candle in our home, or perhaps a window, as a memorial to babies and children we have lost.  This is a lovely way to express and feel that we are not alone but can stand in solidarity with many others who would understand our sadness and pain. 

Our display is placed outside the hospital Chapel, and there is a memory tree where ribbons and cards can be placed in memory of our babies.  If you are not visiting the hospital, we would be glad to place a ribbon on the tree for you – and you can request this by contacting our Chaplaincy Team, either by telephone on 01493 452408 or by email to 

 Baby Loss Awareness Week - The stand outside our chapel, including a display on a blue board that is on a table. In front of the board there are leaflets on the table, and there is a pull-up banner and the white memorial tree alongside the table and board.

The link below will take you to pages of resources to help those experiencing the pain of baby loss, and those supporting them. It contains links to many other organisations and lots of information; Baby Loss Awareness Week – Let's break the silence around baby loss (

 Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021 - a close-up photograph of a dark blue display board with posters on it and some small teddy bears in front. The bears are on a table with leaflets, etc, on it.