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New Spinal Liaison Service

11 October 2021


From today, Monday 11 October, any of our staff who need assistance with patients with spinal cord injuries will be able to call on a new team who will be able to provide information, expertise and support.

Some of our Spinal Liaison team - three nurses, two in dark blue uniforms and one in a dark grey uniform, and three people in white therapy-team tunics - stand in one of our courtyard areas with plants including a palm tree behind them. The two specialist nurses at the front hold a model of a spine. All are smiling.

While there have previously been specialists in the subject who have provided expert knowledge, advice and support, the new Spinal Liaison Service team brings together nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists who all have experience of looking after patients with spinal cord injuries. 

The service aims to further enhance the experience and care of patients admitted with a new or existing spinal cord injury, by giving our staff a number of people they can call on for specialist advice, and the team will be supported by one of our orthopaedic consultants with a special interest in spinal cord injury and a spinal surgeon from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.