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New Family Liaison Officers introduced

07 April 2022

Our Family Liaison Officers - a group of people are pictured in front of a being wall. Six women are in green-blue tops that identify them as our FLOs, there are also four senior nurses - one man and three women - in black uniforms with them. 

The James Paget has recruited and introduced new Family Liaison Officers to help support patients and their families during their hospital stay.

With continuing visitor restrictions and busy ward areas, we recognise how difficult it can be for families to keep in touch, particularly with older patients who may not have their own mobile phones, and the new Family Liaison Officers (FLOs) will aim to be an important link, as well as providing a friendly presence for patients who may not have close family to talk to.

The aim is to improve the experience of care that our hospital provides and to support communication and connection between inpatients and their loved ones.

Family Liaison Officers will help our wards provide compassionate care, and offer patients the time to talk, be listened to, and put in contact with their loved ones using a variety of means, including virtual communication while visiting restrictions remain in place.

Our new FLOs include some of our existing staff, who have moved to the new role, and a number of new employees who have joined our Trust, and the team are already receiving positive feedback from patients and their families.

Our FLOs say; “As a team we feel privileged to be able to facilitate contact between family members. As people become familiar with our role, patients are understanding that we can sit and talk to them whereas other staff are very busy and may not have the time.”

The introduction of Family Liaison Officers is one of the measures highlighted in our new Patient Experience and Engagement Strategy which can be read on our website here: