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Continuity of Carer marks first anniversary

03 February 2022

A group of our midwives and support workers kneel and stand in a group in front of and to the sides of a display, on a dark blue board, marking the Continuity Of Carer Anniversary. There are several different coloured balloons in the background. 

Our Continuity of Carer Maternity teams have been celebrating their first year of operation – and the model already covers more than 85% of mums-to-be in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area.

Continuity of Carer is a nationally recommended model that means you will have a named midwife, with the support of a small team, who will work together to provide all of your care during your pregnancy, birth and after your baby is born. This means you are much more likely to have the same midwife throughout, who you can get to know.

With 85% already being provided with our Continuity of Carer service, it is currently believed to be the highest percentage using the model in the whole of the UK, and it is hoped all of those expecting a baby in our local area – 100% - will be covered by the model by May this year.  

Our first three Continuity of Carer teams – Sapphire, based at Nelson Medical Practice in Great Yarmouth; Opal, based at Norwich Road in Halesworth and Rose Quartz, based at Kirkley Mill in Lowestoft - were unveiled last February and yesterday, Wednesday 2 February, midwives, support staff and volunteers from these teams, and two more recently established ones - Emerald, based at Market Gates in Great Yarmouth and Ruby, based at Magdalen Way in Gorleston - gathered to both celebrate the anniversary and to share stories and best practice. 

Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology Kirsty Cater said; “We are delighted that we have managed to roll Continuity of Carer out across the area, and the 85% of mums-to-be represents a really significant number. It means each individual has a named midwife and a small team that they can be cared for by, and get to know, which enhances maternity care for all.”

You can find out more about our teams on our website here; and you can view our video (below) which features our staff and some of the mums who have experienced Continuity of Carer.

We’d like to thank Sam Race Venue Decoration for supplying the colourful balloons for our anniversary celebrations yesterday.

A midwife in a mid-blue uniform cuts a cake, on a table, to mark the occasion.