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Deconditioning games

21 February 2022

Deconditioning Games in the Stroke Ward - a hospital ward with beds on either side of the room, is busy with patients and staff. They are playing games with balloons, with staff in clear red aprons and different colour uniforms interacting with patients in wheelchairs.

Staff on our stroke unit are helping their patients keep physically and mentally active by running ward-based games sessions.

The regular group sessions are aimed at supporting patient rehabilitation and preventing de-conditioning through activities including stretching and catching - and games including indoor darts and bowling.

Deconditioning Games on the Stroke Ward - one member of staff in a blue uniform and clear red apron stands with her back to the camera on the right side of the photo with her arm in the air. Patients and other members of staff sit or crouch in front of her copying her, each with one arm in the air.    Deconditioning Games on the Stroke Ward - A man in a wheelchair throws a red hoop towards posts positioned on the floor, trying to get the hoop over a red one.

Each activity encourages the use of different muscle groups as well as mental stimulation - and feedback from both patients and staff has been positive.

Stroke Unit Therapy Leader Nicola Bull said: “As a stroke unit we are always looking at ways to improve the activity levels of our patients. This leads to better patient experience, and improved functional outcomes for stroke survivors.”

The activities have been introduced as part of a regional campaign - the East of England ‘Deconditioning Games’ - in which healthcare organisations are working together to raise awareness of deconditioning, support people to keep as active as possible and reduce physical and psychological functional decline.

Deconditioning Games on the Stroke Ward - Four members of staff and two patients are in a ward area trying to keep two balloons - one yellow and one orange - up in the air.