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Urology specialist nurses 'Run the Month' for Prostate Cancer UK

10 February 2022

Our Urology Nurse team, many of them wearing Prostate Cancer UK branded T-shirts or their blue uniform, and all wearing blue surgical face masks, outside our Education and Training Centre. Three of the nurses sit on a bench with a blue banner detailing how much they raised and the rest of the group stand behind them. There is a grassed bank immediately behind them and then the grey building. 

Our Urology specialist nurses have ‘Run the Month’ in January to raise awareness and money for Prostate Cancer UK and have handed over more than £1,700 to the charity after their marathon efforts.

All eight of the team had to complete a marathon length - 26.2 miles – during the month and all completed the task by either running or walking the distance.

The team effort came about after one of the nurses – Jane – saw the campaign on Facebook and thought it was a good way to raise money and increase her fitness. When she told her colleagues about it they decided to join her and, after all their collective sponsorship totals were added up, they have raised an amazing £1,710 for Prostate Cancer UK.

The team are pictured here with Deputy Lead Nurse Sarah Burroughs (right) and Deputy Divisional Operations Director Jonathan Harrowven (left) who congratulated them on their fundraising success.

To find out more about the charity and the work they do please visit;