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Flu vaccination - who should have it and why

23 November 2022


You can find out who should have the flu vaccination, and why you should have the vaccination this winter, via a new booklet accessible below.

Flu vaccination is recommended for a number of groups including those over 65, people with some long term conditions and people who are pregnant, and the vaccine is also available as a nasal spray for most children including two to three-year-olds. 

This leaflet includes information for children, eligible adults and pregnant women, and details why it’s very important that people at increased risk from flu, or those who care for someone vulnerable, should have their free vaccination every year.

Paper copies of the leaflet are available free to order or download in the following languages:

 AlbanianArabicBengaliBulgarianChinese (simplified)Chinese (traditional, Cantonese)EstonianFarsiFrenchGreekGujaratiHindiItalianLatvianLithuanianPanjabiPashtoPolishPortugueseRomanianRomanyRussianSomaliSpanishTagalogTigrinyaTurkishTwiUkrainianUrduYiddish and Yoruba.

An English large print  and a Braille version are available to order.

To access the leaflet in English you can click on the image below. 

Flu Vaccination Leaflet Image - please click on this to access the leaflet