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White Ribbon Day 2022

25 November 2022

White Ribbon Day 2022 The Goal poster - this shows 11 black football shirts each with a white ribbon on and the words; Ally, Caring, Empathetic, Courageous, Gentle, Resilient, Reliable, Hopeful, Principled, Reflective, Supportive. The poster says 'Unite for White Ribbon Day 2022' All men can join the team to end violence against women and girls, that's #TheGoal. 

The James Paget is marking White Ribbon Day 2022 today by raising awareness and encouraging support for ending violence against women and girls.

White Ribbon Day is widely recognised globally and in the UK the day is spearheaded by White Ribbon UK, the leading charity engaging men and boys to end violence against women and girls. White Ribbon Day is focusing on the attitudes and behaviours men and boys can adopt to move away from associations to violent and abusive behaviour.

Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK, said; “This year, White Ribbon Day falls in the same week as the launch of the FIFA men’s World Cup. There is never a better time for us to focus on the good that can come from unifying and supporting one common cause. #TheGoal does just that, it brings men and boys together to think about how they can make a positive difference to achieve equality and safety for women and girls.

“Men and boys are now expecting better from their colleagues, friends, and family to ensure women and girls are safe. We are inviting you to wear a White Ribbon and make the White Ribbon Promise, never to use, excuse or remain silent about men’s violence against women.”

To learn more about White Ribbon UK, please visit