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Our Paget's People Awards finalists

07 October 2022


On Friday, 7 October, we will be holding our annual Paget’s People Awards ceremony at the Ocean Room in Gorleston and we're featuring some of our staff and teams who are our 2022 finalists.

Our nominees have been chosen from more than 360 entries this year, and each one has gone above and beyond their job description, to look after patients and support their colleagues.

We’d like to thank everyone who made a nomination for our 2022 awards.  We appreciate you taking the time to let us know about the exceptional achievements of the teams and individuals who work at our hospital.

We’d also like to thank everyone who is supporting this year’s event, including our sponsors and those who have made a donation towards supporting this staff event, featured on our poster here;

A poster image featuring our Paget's People branding and 'thank you to...' with the logos of the groups and companies mentioned in the text.

Our awards sponsors include;

The NHS Ride of Respect team – Thanks to those who organised and took part in the motorcycle ride from King’s Lynn to Ormesby St Margaret.

Carl Annison Paving

Mr John Sitek

The Rotary Club of Great Yarmouth Haven

Norfolk Broads Lions Club


Tesco in Caister

The family and friends of former James Paget Governor Lesley Bruin.

We’d also like to thank RWE for making a donation to support the event.


Our Paget’s People award nominees for 2022 start with some of our wards.

Ward 6 team photograph with a large group of people in different coloured uniforms all facing the camera

Ward 6 were highlighted for putting in a lot of hard work to improve the care provided to their patients.

“The team are always open to new ideas and have embraced the ‘out of bed’ project to mobilise patients as much as possible.”

Ward 12 team photo, with a group of people in various nursing and other uniforms, all wearing masks, and one holding a gold envelope

Ward 12 were praised as theward that goes the extra mile to create a homely feel and bring a smile to the faces of its older patients.

“Staff are always baking cakes to raise funds, decorating the ward or arranging snacks and afternoon teas to support patients and are kind and caring, taking time to learn about patients and their life stories.”

Ward 22 team photograph - six people wearing a variety of different uniforms, with a woman in a dark blue sisters uniform holding a gold envelope

Ward 22 were nominated for delivering outstanding results over the last year despite the challenges of Covid.

“The team have supported the elective recovery programme to reduce waiting lists, to provide support to patients. They have shown great commitment to the care of patients and each other during difficult times.”

This week we’re celebrating the teams and individuals who are our finalists for our 2022 Paget’s People Awards.

Department Of Medicine - two nurses, both women wearing dark blue uniforms, hold a gold envelope.

Among the teams and departments who made the shortlist are the Department of Medicine who were described in nominations as welcoming, cheerful and supportive.

“As a whole, the team go above and beyond to make sure every patient goes away having a good experience.”

“I have visited the Department for many years and staff have always been helpful and understanding and always make me feel at ease.”

Delivery Suite - a woman, one of the senior team in our delivery suite is pictured wearing a surgical mask

Our Central Delivery Suite team were praised for the care they provided.

“The way we were cared for will stay with us all forever.”

“Some of the most compassionate, caring and kindest individuals I have ever met – they were always there when I needed them.”

Our Emergency Assessment And Discharge Unit team - a group of ten individuals in various uniforms stand facing the camera, in a ward setting.

As we continue to highlight some of our Paget’s People finalists we turn to two departments at the frontline.

Our Emergency Assessment & Discharge Unit (EADU) team are described as a fabulous team.

“A team of exceptionally hard working people, they constantly work under pressure, welcoming patients at the very beginning of their admission and put them at ease when they feel most vulnerable.”

Some of our Emergency Department team - nine people in various uniforms stand together in a clinical area. A woman at the front of the group holds a gold envelope.

Meanwhile our Emergency Department were praised for their dedication and for their partnership working.

“The ED absorbs so much pressure, being the front door and taking patients at all times of the day – their services are precious and the team should be treasured.”

“There has been fantastic collaboration to provide a GP streaming service and the ED team have been supportive and enthusiastic about it.”

Some of our Renal Research Team - five individuals, including nurses and pharmacists, in different colour uniforms.

Our Renal Research team have been described as a very committed, dedicated and friendly team.

“A few years ago there was no research activity in this area and now we have studies in haemodialysis, pre-dialysis and renal clinics.

“This has made a massive impact on patients’ lives, who have really embraced taking part, and has been great for engaging the Renal Unit team in research.”

Some of our Cancer Care Navigators - four ladies in casual clothing, face the camera. One woman holds a gold envelope. They are standing outside in the garden of the Louise Hamilton Centre with a yellow wall and greenery behind them..

Our Cancer Care Navigators are a new team who support newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families, signposting to advice and services and leading on arranging events and support groups.

“They are passionate and engaging people who are making a difference to people’s lives.”

“Feedback from patients has been so positive – they are really appreciated.”

Front Desk Volunteers - a composite image made up of three separate photographs of members of our front desk team - five people in total -all of whom are wearing the red shirts or red tabards that are our volunteer uniform.

Among our nominees for our Paget’s People Awards are some of our volunteers – including those who help greet visitors in our front reception.

Many of our front desk volunteers have been coming in to support our receptionists, patients and staff all the way through the Covid pandemic, carrying thousands of bags to the wards while patients were unable to have visitors.

They have acted with compassion and dignity under often extremely difficult circumstances and we thank them for all their work and assistance.

Casey Shepheard - a man wearing one of our red volunteer tops - stands in our reception area holding a gold envelope

Among their number is Casey Shepheard, another one of our nominees. He is a described as a great ambassador for the James Paget and his nominations read;

“Always friendly and professional and always puts the patients first, helping in any way he can.”

“Kind and helpful, always pleasant and always has a smile.”

Mike Spinks - a man wearing a red volunteers top stands in an office area holding a gold envelope.

Another one of our finalists is Dementia Befriender Michael Spinks. In his nominations he was said to be always helpful.

“He goes the extra mile for patients – one lady with dementia loved to sing so Mike took along some song sheets and they did a sing-song – it really made her day.”

“He helps with lunchtime service when he is able to and supports new and existing volunteers.”

Katie Annison - A woman in a white tunic stands in a hospital corridor holding a gold envelope

Katie Annison is an Imaging Department Assistant with our Ultrasound team. She was praised for regularly goes out of her way to signpost people who are in need of assistance and being compassionate and caring in everything she does for her patients.

She was also highlighted for being incredibly helpful, kind and supportive to her colleagues, and for creating a wellbeing corner in Ultrasound for patients to be able to access support independently if they wish.

Ricky Berrisford - a man in a black security uniform top stands in a hospital corridor, with windows behind him, holding a gold envelope.

Ricky Berrisford, one of our Portering and Security team, became a finalist after supporting patients above and beyond his role on two occasions.

After becoming aware of a patient who was very lonely, he spent an hour with them after his shift had finished, talking to them and helping them with their evening meal, while on the second occasion he and fellow nominee Tara Brown assisted a mum with her young autistic son.

Tara Brown - A woman in a burgundy coloured uniform stands in a ward setting holding a gold envelope.

In this nomination for Ricky and Tara the mum said; “They were patient and calm with him, and didn’t crowd him. Without them I just don’t know what I would have done. I just want to pass on my thanks and deepest appreciation.”

Our Paget’s People Awards are being held on Friday, 7 October, and ahead of the ceremony at the Ocean Room in Gorleston, we are highlighting some of our nominees.

Our 2022 finalists come from across our hospital and from a range of different teams and departments – as illustrated by three more of our individual nominees.

Chris Callow - a man in a white shirt stands in an office environment holding a gold envelope

Chris Callow is part of our Digital Health/ IT team and was praised for always smiling and for not making you feel silly if you don’t know IT.

His nominations said; “He explains things so you understand and is cheerful and friendly.”

“Nothing is too much trouble – he goes above and beyond to help fix or find a solution to IT problems.”

Rachel Dance - a woman in a white tunic stands in a ward area holding a gold envelope

Rachel Dance is one of our Physiotherapy team who initiated a project to help with stroke specific training to support HCAs and was highlighted for her ‘incredible work to bring about positive change’.

She is described as an amazing clinician and an outstanding therapist who is striving to improve working practices.

“Her warmth, kindness and patience never go unnoticed – she is an excellent member of the team.”

Dr Aban Dasgupta - a man in grey scrubs, wearing a surgical mask, stands in a clinical area holding a gold envelope

Dr Aban Dasgupta was praised for inspiring significant changes on Ward 12 – our older peoples’ medicine ward - to benefit patients and staff alike.

Nominations said; “Junior doctors and nursing staff feel supported by him and I have seen him go the extra mile with patients and family members in order to provide the best care possible.”

“He is approachable whenever you have concerns about anything and is always willing to help. He’s simply exceptional.”

Our Paget’s People finalists are preparing for our annual awards ceremony on Friday and we’re continuing to highlight their work throughout this week.

Joanne Horne - a lady wearing a blue surgical face mask and a bright blue tunic top stands in a clinical area holding a gold envelope.

Joanne Horne is another member of our physiotherapy team who was praised for possessing an exceptional skill set and described asa talented and conscientious clinician who has provided many years of exemplary service.

“She will go above and beyond for each one of her patients and is always there to lend a hand to staff on the ward – she is a font of knowledge and is happy, polite and wonderful.”

“She has supported many students and junior therapists to settle in and learn important stroke specific skills, and is held in high esteem by staff on the Stroke Unit, who respect her knowledge and judgement.”

“She is an inspiration and an asset to the team.”

Maxine Howes - a woman in a dark blue specialist nurses uniform stands in an office holding a gold envelope.

Maxine Howes is one of our Paediatric Outreach/ Child Community nurses and she was highlighted by several families for her care and dedication.

Her nominations read; “Having a teenage daughter with cancer can be a scary and lonely place – having a local, friendly and caring community nurse who visits regularly has been a massive support to us and we feel less isolated.”

“Max is truly dedicated to what she does and she always goes above and beyond what we could have ever expected.”

“You will never know how much you mean to us and the positive impact you have had – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Dr Vinod Shenoy - a man wearing a short-sleeved blue scrub tunic stands in an office holding a gold envelope.

Consultant Radiologist and Clinical Lead Dr Vinod Shenoy was nominated for his work to introduce new and important interventional radiology procedures and for giving support to his colleagues.

Among the comments in his nominations were;

“Has made a significant positive impact on patient and staff experience and quality, initiating service improvements that truly benefit patients.

“He champions innovative treatment for patients to deliver better outcomes and improve efficiency.”

“He is a passionate leader who encourages and supports his colleagues to continue improving the care they provide.”

We’re continuing to highlight the finalists for our 2022 Paget’s People Awards.

This year we received over 360 nominations for teams and staff at our hospital and our judging panel, which includes staff representatives, managers, governors and one of our non-executives directors, met in July to choose our winners.

Rowena Starkey - A woman in a white top stands in an office area holding a gold envelope.

Among the finalists are Rowena Starkey, who was described as having created a positive and supportive working environment for our junior doctors, with many of them highlighting the difference she has made to their working life and wellbeing.

Comments included; “She is attentive and makes all staff feel that they are a priority.”

“A shining example of the Trust’s values and behaviours.”

“Dedicated, committed and hard-working, she brings positivity and passion to work every day.”

Jonty Yazbek - A man stands in an office environment holding a gold envelope.

Jonty Yazbek is our Head of Quality Improvement and he was nominated for his friendly approach, his knowledge and his hard work.

He was described as “One of those people who inspires in every meeting he attends.”

“His innovative ideas and collaborative approach ensures a wide reach of people can be involved in new initiatives.”

“Humble, genuinely interested in health, with a passion for patient care.”

Katy McWhinney - A woman wearing a burgundy red tunic and a blue surgical face mask stands in a ward area holding a gold envelope. 

Katy McWhinney joined our Trust as a nursing cadet in our Intensive Care Unit during the pandemic and was described as being a rock to staff and patients alike.

“Always smiling, she always offers to help and support members of staff.”

Through her hard work she has progressed to allow her to start her training as a Nursing Associate this year, and her dedication and determination were highlighted in her nominations.

Maddison O'Sullivan - a woman in a white top stands in an office environment holding a gold envelope.

Maddison O’Sullivan joined the Trust as a Patient Experience Apprentice at the peak of the pandemic and from day one was in at the deep end helping to provide cover at our front desk. She regularly picked up and dealt with enquiries on the Covid helpline and has been involved in the induction and training of volunteers.

She is described as “An absolute godsend who has taken any task given to her in her stride”.

Sophie Pegg - a woman in a white therapies team tunic holds a gold envelope.

Sophie Pegg was highlighted for being an outstanding Occupational Therapy Degree Apprentice who has a wide range of skills and knowledge, thanks to her years as a Therapy Assistant Practitioner.

“She takes her time to talk her patients through every step of the therapy process… She goes out of her way to ensure that patients are comfortable and their wellbeing is looked after…her patients have a lot of trust in her.”

“Sophie is a bright and cheery person who is a pleasure to work with.”

Christopher Liao, Vamsi Velchuru and Lokesh Suraparaju - three men, each holding a bicycle at chest height, stand in front of our hospital with the James Paget logo in the background.

Christopher Liao, Vamsi Velchuru and Lokesh Suraparaju are three of our surgeons who, away from their day jobs, have been fundraising for a number of good causes, including our hospital.

They handed over more than £2,200 to our James Paget Hospital Charity after completing a London to Brighton cycle ride last year.

“They chose to raise funds to give something back to the hospital – training and completing the ride out of work time - with each having a personal reason for doing so.”

Their fundraising, both individually and collectively, has also benefitted other charities including Macmillan Cancer Support and Bowel Cancer UK.

Tara Kent - a woman wearing a white short-sleeved top sits in an office environment with a computer terminal behind her, holding a gold envelope.

Tara Kent, formerly Tara Haines, a Project Manager in our Transformation Team scaled Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak, last year to lead the National Toast to NHS staff, and others who worked through the pandemic, on Frontline Workers Day.

Through the ascent she also raised over £930 for our hospital charity.

Her nomination read; “Tara completed an amazing challenge and supported the NHS and our Trust in the process.”

Her efforts resulted in national publicity for a celebration of all those who worked through the pandemic.