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Liver team receive cheque following afternoon of song

28 September 2023

Lorraine and daughter Becca stand outside the front of our hospital with Maxine our charity manager, Dr Banim, Dr Sayed and liver nurse specialist Emma, holding a large cheque. The blue heart on the ground at our hospital entrance with white NHS lettering in is visible at the bottom of the photo, with the Emergency Department entrance behind them.  

A patient has handed over a cheque for £700 to the Liver team at the James Paget following an afternoon of song in St Mary Magdalene Church in Gorleston earlier this year.

Lorraine Bentley has been supported by the hospital team over the years and, following a liver transplant in April 2022, she wanted to raise funds to say thank you.

She and her family, including daughter Rebecca (Becca) Bentley, decided to stage the afternoon of song at the church in July, with performances by Becca and Paige Hearn accompanied by Carol Clayton. Around 50 people attended and this event, along with a raffle, cake sale, a collection box, donations and fundraising at the Oddfellows Arms in Gorleston, all contributed to the total raised.

Lorraine, who needed the liver transplant as a result of an auto-immune related condition, said; “You say liver transplant and people assume it is related to drinking but people need a transplant for different reasons. My condition was diagnosed after I kept itching. On examination I was told it was liver spots, but this was initially something I thought older people got rather than something linked to an auto-immune condition.

“I had a liver transplant in April 2022 at Addenbrooke’s hospital and I’m grateful to the team there as well as everyone at the James Paget who has looked after me. Over the years I think I have been in pretty much every ward in the hospital!”

Dr Mostafa Sayed, who leads the Liver team at the James Paget, and Emma Clancy, Liver Nurse Specialist, joined Assistant Medical Director Dr Paul Banim and Charity Manager Maxine Taylor to accept the £700 cheque from Lorraine and Becca on Tuesday, 26 September.

Maxine said; “We’d like to thank Lorraine, Becca and everyone who supported this fundraising. This is a fantastic total for our liver team and we’re grateful to everyone who attended the afternoon, everyone who made a donation and the Oddfellows team for their support. The funds will be put towards supporting other liver patients at our hospital.”