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Reserve service: A great development opportunity


The training and skills gained in the Reserves can be used to improve performance in the workplace and can enhance skills in areas such as leadership, team work, communication and decision making often in challenging situations and environments.

The experience you gain as a reservist is highly relevant to your career in the NHS and it can help you understand your career aspirations, support your development and your successful progression. Working in the NHS you already have the correct values and standards, plus unique skills and training which would make you a welcomed member to the Reserve service.

An image including the logos of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Airforce

Many reservists work in the NHS at all levels and, like full time members of the Armed Forces, take part in the full range of military and civil relief operations. Currently, there are more than 32,000 trained reservists. Around 4,000 of these reservists come from a variety NHS roles such as Hospital Porters, Nurses, Project Managers, Doctors, Administrators and Healthcare Assistants.

As a Trust we support any member of staff who is part of, or wishes to join the Reserve Service.

To show our support the Trust grants members of the Reserve service an additional 10 days paid leave to attend annual camp.

We also have a detailed mobilisation policy in case individuals are called up for deployment. We also have two dedicated Armed Forces Reserve Champions as part of our work force. Both have years of experience in the Reserve service.

If you had any questions regarding the Reserve Service please contact them:

Reservist contacts - Combat Medical Technician and Physical Training Instructor.

Or use one of the links below.