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Patient confidentiality

Everyone at the Trust is clear about patient confidentiality: information cannot be released without a patient’s consent.

You will be asked which relatives you would like informed during your stay in hospital to keep them up to date on your treatment and progress. For relatives who live in different parts of the country or abroad, it may be acceptable to arrange a password with ward staff. This will help to avoid restrictions on information due to confidentiality.

As a patient/client you will be giving us information about yourself and your condition which could be of a sensitive nature. The hospital has a duty to maintain full and accurate records of the care we provide to you. We will keep the records secure, accurate and confidential.

You should not email patient information or clinical details into the Trust.

All NHS staff sign a confidentiality clause within their contract. We will not pass your information to inappropriate people. Information may be passed to other colleagues involved in your care such as your General Practitioner, a pharmacist dispensing drugs for you, or a radiologist reporting on your x-rays. We may pass information to another NHS organisation such as to another hospital if you are being transferred there for treatment. All such information is passed on with your permission.

Anonymous factual information is also used to plan services, teaching, audits and when taking part in national surveys and research.  You may be asked to take part in national surveys and research and this will only happen if you choose to do this by giving your consent to your doctor or nurse

As with any rules there may be exceptions. We may have to pass on your details during a public health emergency or to the police when ordered to do so by a court. We also have a legal duty to notify births.

Your records will also be used to help investigate any concerns or complaints you or your family have about your care.

Please use this link to access our Patient Information leaflet.


Condition checks - from the media 

Patient condition checks from the media should be referred to the Communications team during office hours on 01493 452269.